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Awesome Fine Art Photography by Victoria Ivanova

Russian Victoria Ivanova is a senior lecturer in university (Candidate of Economics) and a PR manager and she is also interested in fine art photography. She is so talented at expressing an imaginary story through a single photo using a particular object as a..

Imaginative Underwater Photos by Martha Suherman

Martha Suherman is a visual artist and she specifically works on landscape, digital composite, and portrait photography. She also does watercolor and acrylic paints. Underwater series is one of her best among fields. She takes models in gorgeous dresses deep down..

Bird’s Eye View Photos of People in Their Rooms

Paris-based fashion and editorial photographer Florian Beaudenon has passion for conceptual photography and shares his creative series with us via his website. One of his series is “Instant Life” in which he showcases the unbearable lightness of being shot from..

Super Fun DIY Projects for Summer

During summer, we’ll continue sharing the craftiest projects with you. They are entertaining, effortless and simple and each of them is enough to help you survive through boring afternoons. Check them out and..

Clever Typographic Installations on Discarded Objects

Australian street artist Miguel Marquez chose an unusual way to draw public attention to enviromental pollution. He simply writes ironic and touching phrases on self adhesive letters and attaches them on discarded or lost items on the streets of Sydney. It is a humorous and..

Basic Considerations For Buying A Kitchen Table

In generations gone by, the heart of the home was the hearth of your fireplace. This isn’t often the case these days since we rely on electricity and appliances to do our cooking chores. Instead, you’ll probably find your family congregating again and again around your kitchen table. Since this piece of furniture is in many ways the nerve center of your home, you should exert some careful thought when you’re in the kitchen table market for a new one. Fitting Your Space Until you take out your trusty tape measure and learn exactly how much space you have available, there’s really only..

4 Captivating Art Galleries and Museums in New Zealand

When you are looking for an uncrowded and serene travel spot, New Zealand is the perfect destination to visit. This country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consists of two major islands, the North Island and the South Island. Both are marked by glaciation as well as volcanoes. Spending time in New Zealand can be an ultimate travel escapade because this breathtaking place has a lot to offer to..

6 Tips for Developing A Great New Garden

A garden that is well-maintained and tidy will come along with a number of benefits. A garden can boost the value of your property and help you to sell it in the future. A lot of house buyers will be put off by a particular property, however, if there is a garden that has not be tended to because it will be one of the first things that..